Ambrogae (Hardcover)

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Most humans simply thought of the Ambrogae as vampires. They needed human blood to live, like in the myths. They also had unusual powers, most of which differed from the myths. Those of the Leviathan viewed themselves as the apex predator, considering humans to be food and nothing more. Their irises were bright red. Those of Seline believed in living in harmony with humanity and they never killed those they fed from. They had inhumanly vibrant blue eyes. Seike's eyes were violet. He was a mystery, even to himself. Though he aligned with the morals and principles of the Ambrogae of Seline and had retained his humanity when he was turned, he was regarded with suspicion amongst those who were supposedly his allies. His eyes had always caused him trouble. He didn't know why they were like they were, or why he was far stronger than he should be for his age. He mostly didn't care, either. He was on the verge of accomplishing something that had taken decades to come this close to fruition.


Little did he realize that in achieving his ambition, he would trigger a chain of events that would put both himself and those he cared for in grave danger.

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ISBN: 9781779410788
ISBN-10: 1779410786
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication Date: August 31st, 2023
Pages: 362
Language: English