Lot's Wife: An Erotic Retelling (Paperback)

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You don't know my name. You never will.But I was a wife. A mother. A daughter.I was a daughter of Sodom.I met my first love there. And my second. And my third.And I met my husband there.In this Lambda Award-nominated debut from Rosalind Chase, Lot's wife is given a new identity and a new story. No longer an anonymous symbol of disobedience, she is a whole person. A girl who falls in love, a woman who discovers her own sexual power, a wife who ventures outside her marriage for passion, a mother who must protect her daughters and, in the end, a proud citizen of a doomed city. Every step along the way brings her closer to the moment she will make a choice. We all know how this story ends: with a backward glance and a pillar of salt. But that's Lot's version of the story, isn't it?This is his wife's.

Publisher's Note: Lot's Wife is a novella-length bisexual fantasy. This story features explicit scenes of bisexual/poly/FF love. It is also a retelling of a classic Judeo-Christian story and recasts some scenes and characters in situations some might find offensive.

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ISBN: 9781735045108
ISBN-10: 1735045101
Publisher: Harebell Press
Publication Date: May 25th, 2020
Pages: 164
Language: English