Blue Swan, Black Swan: The Trakl Diaries (Paperback)

Blue Swan, Black Swan: The Trakl Diaries By Stephanie Dickinson Cover Image
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Poetry. War, mental illness, narcotics, sickness, incest and a deep passion for poetry were all a part of the Austrian poet Georg Trakl's short and tragic life (1887-1914). Biographical accounts have been few, vague and speculative. So little is clearly known about the man that much in this regard has been supplanted by what can be only assumed from the poet's substantial volume of work. The great German poet, Else-Lasker Sch ler, who was a friend of the poet, wrote in her two line elegy: 'Georg Trakl died by his own hand in the war. / That was how lonely he was in the world. I loved him.' In BLUE SWAN, BLACK SWAN: THE TRAKL DIARIES, Stephanie Dickinson opens a new door, but not one into Trakl's psyche, rather from out of his psyche as if it were him relaying the incidents as they occurred in each particular moment and which these poems more than aptly provide. All is as if it originates from his mouth, from his dictation onto the pages of what is meant to be read as his unwritten diary. So powerful and precise is Dickinson's language that at times you cannot distinguish between what she says and what you imagine Trakl would have said. The intensity level is that analagous. Dickinson's intimacy with such a tragic poet's life acts to offer us Trakl himself speaking about something we never knew in such detail and which we the reader have only her to thank for sharing with us.--Paul B. Roth.
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Publisher: Bitter Oleander Press
Publication Date: February 8th, 2021
Pages: 72
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