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It is really annoying when some ad pop ups when you are searching some useful information related to your work or checking emails. These ad popups are nothing but your searched criteria on google. Many girls out there must have searched about how to get a beautiful skin like a rockstar in a day itself Being beautiful like a rockstar is possible in a lesser cost effective way but not possible in a single day. With the help of makeup you can achieve your dreams in a day but what will happen the next day? You are same face for everyone. Some of you are the gifted ones with beauty but some are not But here is a catch, those "gifted ones" have to maintain their beauty with time, as time is not same for everyone. There are many chemical treatments available in Beauty parlours, but they have a certain shelf life and that too will cost you half of your salary. I know how these treatments are, For a single visit you will be charged a big amount which is nearly next to impossible for normal human being. Whether you are a doctor, engineer or lawyer or any other profession, if you spend tons of money in your beauty treatments then also your beauty won't last forever. Main mission of "Shhh Secret" series on natural beauty is to help you in attaining a naturally beautiful personality like your favourite celebrity. All the natural homemade remedies are mentioned to vanish all your beauty problems permanently and that too in a zero budget. All the tried and trusted solutions are mentioned by the author. Homemade remedies which are mentioned in the series are tried by author, so do not worry on the result part. That is sure you will get positive results after trying the mentioned remedies.Homemade natural products not only provide you blemish free flawless skin but also makes your skin breathe in the fresh oxygen by the use of natural products. If you are really serious about your beauty regime and do not wish to spend millions on skincare then this book is a must read. You will get all the necessary information, tips and tricks related to all your beauty problems in cost effective way. Save your skin form harmful chemicals and save your money too.
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ISBN: 9781728795058
ISBN-10: 1728795052
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 15th, 2018
Pages: 38
Language: English