Switching Power Supply Design: A Concise Practical Handbook (Paperback)

Switching Power Supply Design: A Concise Practical Handbook By Lazar Rozenblat Cover Image
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This handbook provides in a single place the essential information needed in the practical switching mode power supply (SMPS) design in an easy-to-use format. It may be as useful to the experienced designer as it will to the recent engineering grad, a student, and a hobbyist. The key covered topics: - Main practically used isolated and non-isolated converter topologies, including active PFC; - Power transformer and inductor design and estimation of the losses; - Feedback control loop relationships including transfer function with TL431; - Miscellaneous design and analysis topics, such as MOSFET switching time and losses, capacitance calculation for transient response, PCB trace characteristics, and little-known empirical equations. The covered converter topologies are: - Buck - Fly-Buck(TM) - Boost - Buck-boost (non-isolated flyback) - SEPIC - CCM and DCM isolated flyback - Forward (including active clamp forward) - Half-bridge - Phase shifted full bridge with current doubler - LLC - CCM and DCM PFC boost For each covered topology, the book provides power plant diagram, brief operation principal, basic waveforms, DC transfer function with efficiency factor, voltage and current stresses in switches and rectifiers, magnetics equations, DC and AC components of the currents in all coils, and often overlooked RMS currents in input and output capacitors. The analysis is provided for worth case input voltage. Note that this is not a textbook for learning power electronics. This handbook is for those who know the electronics basics and need a quick reference and practical engineering equations. It should speed up your design by saving time that would otherwise be spent on deriving equations and searching the literature, not to mention on re-spinning the board because of incorrectly selected magnetics, underrated components, or improperly sized PCB traces.
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