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A classic David throttles Goliath success story. For the first time in American history, a self-represented African American woman wins a civil case against the government with an all-white jury in a Red state, (Lamkin v Chester Water Authority (CWA), Delaware County Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, Case Number: CV-2016-000328).In this book, the author shares her path to victory.The author researches, writes and files all of her own pleadings. These pleadings include Objections, Amended Complaints, Interrogatories, Pre-Trial Memos and other documents. She represents herself during mediation. She delivers arguments during pre-trial hearings, and subpoenas evidence (Discovery). She performs a preliminary examination of jurors (voir dire). She cross examines witnesses. She delivers opening and closing arguments during trial. And, finally, is able to pry critical testimony from the defendant.The text includes examples of many of the forms used during a typical civil trial, such as, Interrogatories, Objections, Complaint, etc. While the author is widely considered a "Champion of the People", she sees herself as simply a person who decided that enough is enough. It is time to retire the myths cause misery and instead encourage a well-informed population. As a seventh-generation American, the author has sought to support and build the country her people farmed on and fought for. She continues her family's legacy as a certified Project Manager, Scientist & Engineer, against all odds and obvious attempts to dissuade her.While on the surface, it would seem that this story began with a service provider's visit gone awry, in reality her government left her household without a regular water supply for over a month with no hope of restoration and abandoned her neighborhood. This act and similar acts, signals a major gap in the safety & security of the East coast's most critical region, Chester City, Pennsylvania. This region connects major railways, airways & highways...all left vulnerable by inept, self-serving sycophants. Through her preliminary investigation, the author has been able to draw connections between the defendants' (in)actions, historic data and additional atrocities.It is the author's hope that this text will help others feel more empowered.Widely considered America's Favorite Daughter, the author shares a compelling story of resilience, triumph and stewardship encouraging the reader to harness his or her own power, develop technical expertise and help redirect our country to be the force her forebears intended it to be.The book is dedicated to those who still believe in the power of The People.Like, share and comment on the pre-tour video: https: // And, sign-up to attend the book tour: https: // to the book's webpage: https: // on: T: @SeVictoriousT: @GlitterOnTheBarIG: @GlitterOnTheBarF: https: //
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ISBN: 9781710130409
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Publication Date: October 31st, 2019
Pages: 102
Language: English