Language Lessons for a Living Education 5 (Paperback)

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Enjoy this story-based course featuring Claire and Micah, designed to engage your young learner and strengthen their reading and writing skills. Real world examples and applications are the focus as they practice reading, apply grammatical skills, and increase their vocabulary. Complete with helpful illustrations and guides, this book will teach your student paragraph structure, compound words, contractions, sentence combining, helping verbs, prepositions, and more

This language arts series adapts Charlotte Mason ideas for the modern homeschool student, complete with character-building themes. Each quarter has five stories, two picture studies (one of which is Bible-based), and two poems (one of which is a Psalm). Using the spelling words and the Dictionary Worksheets, students will create their very own dictionary as they move week by week through the material.

Develops reading and narration skills as well as writing mastery of multi-sentence paragraphs.

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ISBN: 9781683441786
ISBN-10: 1683441788
Publisher: Master Books
Publication Date: June 25th, 2019
Pages: 478
Language: English