Burning: Book Three of the Fold (Paperback)

Burning: Book Three of the Fold By Miracle Jones Cover Image
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PART THREE OF THE FOLD, a psychic saga in seven volumes.

Three brothers explore an infested city, seeking the forbidden weapons of a school of malevolent psychics...a trustee investigator on an interdimensional prison ship answers a mysterious summons from the sweating depths of a labor camp...an insect with a gift for telepathy and oratory organizes a revolution of vermin...and in a pocket dimension made of absolute ice, Charlotte St. Andrews learns how to Burn.

A saga, in seven projected volumes, of a band of psychic malcontents struggling to hold onto what order they can in an evolving, hostile multiverse. THE FOLD is a story about willpower, about a city carved into the brain of a giant octopus, about the seeds of politics, about succulent diner meals, about the offscourings of society, and about what it feels like to use your mind to fly.

About the Author

Miracle Jones is from Texas. He is a Sagittarius. He is a very private person.
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ISBN: 9781682199121
ISBN-10: 1682199126
Publisher: Instar Books
Publication Date: December 16th, 2022
Pages: 544
Language: English