Swimming with Ghosts (MP3 CD)

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It's June 2012. The magical and slightly cultish River Run swim club is alive with the spirit of fun competition when a perfect storm brews between team moms and best friends Gillian Cloud and Kristy Weinstein. The ghost of family addiction has turned up, looming over their carefully planned pasta parties, tie-dye nights, and pep rallies, forcing them to face their unresolved childhood trauma. Gillian responds by trying to control everyone around her while Kristy relapses into her dangerous addiction to love. Real sparks fly on the night of the derecho, a freak land hurricane, which sweeps through Northern Virginia, knocking out power for days. The storm ignites a tinder box of secrets, leaving Gillian and Kristy alone in the hot dark, their shame their only company. At times humorous and devastating, Swimming with Ghosts is a hauntingly dark, yet uniquely tender story about the various entrapments of addiction and lingering trauma and what it takes to overcome our hidden legacies of disgrace and discover a once unimaginable freedom made possible by confronting life's greatest storms with the people closest to us.
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ISBN: 9781666643152
ISBN-10: 1666643157
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: July 4th, 2023
Language: English