Mystery Boy (Paperback)

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Within the pages of this book comes to life a remarkable young fellow who has all the characteristics every boy and girl, every mother and father, every teacher would love to see in every child. Who is this boy who is found in the middle of nowhere, with no talking ability, no knowledge of anything, who suddenly comes to life inspiring everyone with whom he comes into contact? He is both loveable, and extremely dangerous, if he needs to be. He is courageous, but emotional, strong, but weak. He is likeable - just like most children in this world. He is a young fellow, always moving forward, but he is as vulnerable as a newborn puppy or kitten. He's just a kid, but a kid almost every kid in the world could either aspire to, or wish he was your best friend I hope you'll look forward to reading this book, and the sequel, which is even more inspiring than this, yet the sequel cannot come unless you read and know this book.
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ISBN: 9781663211750
ISBN-10: 1663211752
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: October 21st, 2021
Pages: 148
Language: English