The Twelve Gates: The Road to Redemption (Hardcover)

The Twelve Gates: The Road to Redemption By Terence A. McSweeney Cover Image
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Trapped by the creature Thadnelius J. Gromfort, Cillian McGonegal must find the missing pieces of an ancient artifact to free his friends who have been sent on a journey of their own into the afterworld. Time is running out. Together with his brother Patrick, Mary his assistant and Liam his good friend he must navigate time itself and time can be very unforgiving. Time is also running out for Susanne McKinnon and Nathan McPhee as they travel through the Twelve Gates of Judgement. The weight of his responsibility for their rescue falls squarely on Cillian's shoulders, but he is bound by the whims of the stone which grows more powerful with each moment. Find the missing pieces or all is lost. Into time's void, they step.

The Twelve Gates: The Road to Redemption is book two of the McGonegal Chronicles. It explores events in ancient history and what the future may hold. Time is not linear. Time is bendable and with many dimensions as Cillian, his assistant Mary, his brother Patrick, and Liam his good friend will quickly discover. The origin of the artifact is a mystery, but its power is immense. Where will it take them and what about their trapped friends? Will they survive the Road to Redemption as they navigate The Twelve Gates? Time will tell.

In this book the author uses actual historical events combined with ancient myth and highlighted with science fiction and adventure to weave a story of love, sacrifice, and obligation. The main character, Cillian McGonegal must navigate an impossible situation and failure is not an option. Throughout the story the reader is beset with numerous examples of bravery and cleverness as the characters face their greatest fears and most menacing challenges. It is a wild ride.

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ISBN: 9781647198183
ISBN-10: 1647198186
Publication Date: September 30th, 2021
Pages: 280
Language: English