Sacred Geometry of the Starcut Diagram: The Genesis of Number, Proportion, and Cosmology (Hardcover)

Sacred Geometry of the Starcut Diagram: The Genesis of Number, Proportion, and Cosmology By Malcolm Stewart Cover Image
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• Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of detailed diagrams and technical illustrations exploring the evolution and importance of the starcut diagram

• Shows how the starcut diagram underlies the shaman’s dance in China, the Vedic Fire Altar in India, Raphael frescoes, labyrinth designs, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and the building of ancient cities

• Explains how the starcut diagram was used in building and design, how it relates to Pythagoras’s Tetrakys, and how it contains knowledge of the Tree of Life

As Malcolm Stewart reveals in this lavishly illustrated study, the simplesquare figure of the Starcut diagram, created only with circles, has extraordinary geometric properties. It allows you to make mathematically exact measurements and build perfectly true level structures without a computer, calculator, slide rule, plumb bob, or laser level. Sharing his extensive research, along with hundreds of detailed diagrams and technical illustrations, the author shows how the Starcut diagram was the key to the building of humanity’s first cities and how it underlies many significant patterns and proportions around the world.

Using circles drawn from the vesica piscis, Stewart explains how to create the Starcut diagram and shows how this shape was at the foundation of ancient building and design, illustrating the numerous connections between the diagram and the creation of mandalas and yantras, stained glass windows, architectural ground plans, temples and other sacred buildings, and surveying methods. He also shows how the Starcut diagram reveals ancient geometric knowledge of pi, the Fibonacci sequence, Pythagorean shapes and seals, the golden ratio, the power of 108 and other sacred numbers, and magic squares.

Exploring the Starcut diagram’s cosmological and theological implications, Stewart explains how it contains knowledge of the Tree of Life and the Kabbalah. He examines how it relates to the Tetraktys, the key teaching device of Pythagoras, and other cosmograms. Demonstrating the ancient relationships existing between number, geometry, cosmology, and musical harmony, the author shows how the simple shape of the Starcut diagram unifies the many threads of sacred geometry into one beautiful mathematical tapestry.

About the Author

Malcolm Stewart is an author, musician, and designer who has created mosaic, stained glass, landscape, and interior designs for a range of secular and sacred environments. He is a former priest, television producer, UN project director, and administrator for Ockenden Venture, a refugee relief charity. He has lectured widely throughout the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada. He lives in Tilford, Surrey, England.

Praise For…

“Malcolm Stewart has written an original and finely produced book about the structural invariance of number, seen most clearly as sacred geometry but especially clear in his Starcut diagram.”
— Richard Heath, author of Sacred Geometry: Language of Angels and Sacred Number and the Origins of Ci

"An absolute 'must' for students and practitioners of Geometry, Toplogy, Cosmology, Sacred Geometry of the Starcut Diagram: The Genesis of Number, Proportion, and Cosmology is beautifully and profusely illustrated in full color throughout. This coffee-table style (8 x 1.3 x 10 inches, 1.69 pounds) volume is certain to be a treasured and unique addition to personal, professional, community, and academic library Sacred Geometry and Metaphysical Studies collections. It should be noted for students, academia, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject that Sacred Geometry of the Starcut Diagram is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $26.99)."
— Wisconsin Bookwatch Wisconsin Bookwatch

“I remain in awe of this book. Sacred Geometry and the Starcut Diagram is probably the single most important addition to the body of sacred geometry to re-emerge in a decade. Malcolm Stewart’s exposé of this deceptively simple device will have scholars of art, architecture, mathematics, and geometry entranced for centuries to come.”
— John Martineau, publisher and editor of the international award-winning Wooden Books pocket liberal

"Filled with beautiful artwork, pictures, and illustrations, the reader is guided step-by-step in the workable knowledge of the ancient Starcut diagram. Furthermore, Stewart assures the readers/students that they will be able to make precise mathematical measurements and build perfect structures without a computer, calculator, slide rule, plumb bob, or a laser level."
— Brent Raynes, Alternate Perceptions Magazine
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ISBN: 9781644114308
ISBN-10: 1644114305
Publisher: Inner Traditions
Publication Date: September 27th, 2022
Pages: 320
Language: English