The Complete Paleo Cookbook for Beginners: Recipes and Meal Plans for Weight Loss and Better Health (Paperback)

The Complete Paleo Cookbook for Beginners: Recipes and Meal Plans for Weight Loss and Better Health By Kinsey Jackson, Sally Johnson, MA, RD Cover Image
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Give your health a boost with this practical guide to paleo

Transform your diet and eat the way nature truly intended. The Complete Paleo Cookbook for Beginners shows you just how simple it is to go paleo, optimizing your health and helping you lose weight in the process.

What sets this paleo cookbook apart:
  • Paleo primer—Learn the basics of the paleo diet with an engaging overview that explains the science behind which foods you should eat, which you should avoid, and why.
  • Everyday recipes—Whip up a delectable dish from a range of recipes that are easy to make and often ready in 30 minutes or less.
  • Complete meal plans—Enjoy a smooth transition to this delicious diet with three different two-week meal plans and grocery shopping lists that take the guesswork out of what to eat and simplify all of your prep steps.

Nourish your body and improve your health with The Complete Paleo Cookbook for Beginners.

About the Author

KINSEY JACKSON, MS, CNS, CFMP, is a certified nutrition specialist clinician who focuses on the connection between diet and disease. She’s worked in healthcare for more than two decades and has written four books, including The Thyroid Reboot.

SALLY JOHNSON, MA, RD, LD, CFMP, CF-L1, is a registered and licensed dietician with a master’s degree in applied physiology. She currently coaches clients on recovering from processed-food addiction.

Praise For…

“Twenty-three years ago, when I first became aware of the Paleo diet concept, we did not have much scientific evidence of how well it worked. Some anecdotes, but that's about it. Fast forward, and the benefits of Paleo eating are becoming ever more clear scientifically. However, the most important part, the how-to, still remains our greatest challenge. Kinsey Jackson and Sally Johnson make the Paleo lifestyle easy, accessible, and delicious in The Complete Paleo Cookbook for Beginners.” —Robb Wolf, 2x NYT and WSJ best-selling author of The Paleo Solution and Wired To Eat

“Kinsey and Sally make Paleo cooking a breeze. Whether your goal is weight loss, autoimmune remission, or just trying something new, this book is a treasure trove of information and recipes. In The Complete Paleo Cookbook for Beginners, the authors highlight the benefits of eating an ancestral diet by providing in-depth explanations of what the Paleo diet is, and why it's so effective for weight loss and reversing the myriad of chronic diseases caused by the standard American diet. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!” —Diana Rodgers, RD, real food dietitian, sustainability advocate, author of The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook, Paleo Lunches and Breakfasts on The Go, and Sacred Cow

“Are you trying to figure out what foods are causing your health problems? An elimination diet is the gold standard for this. The Paleo diet is the perfect template to follow in your quest to discover the foods triggering your health problems. In The Complete Paleo Cookbook for Beginners, Kinsey Jackson and Sally Johnson lay the groundwork to get you started. The 2-week meal plans make it easy to jump right in. Whether you’re new to Paleo or a seasoned expert, you won’t be disappointed—this book is packed with delicious, healing recipes!” —Tom Malterre, MS, CN, CFMP, functional & integrative nutritionist, author of The Elimination Diet, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, and Nourishing Meals
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ISBN: 9781638784616
ISBN-10: 1638784612
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: March 15th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English