Getting Started With DSLR Photography: A Beginner's Guide to Capturing Beautiful Photos With Your Digital Camera (Paperback)

Getting Started With DSLR Photography: A Beginner's Guide to Capturing Beautiful Photos With Your Digital Camera By Kevin Jobson Cover Image
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Have you recently purchased a digital camera, and you're keen to learn about how to capture the best photos possible?

Maybe you are thinking about buying yourself a new camera, but you are skeptical about whether or not you will have the skill to make the purchase worthwhile?

You could even be someone who is relatively experienced in amateur photography, but you are looking to find new inspiration to begin your own creative journey.

If this sounds familiar, then look no further than this book, Getting Started With DSLR Photography.

In this book, I have compiled a range of different tips and ideas you can take away and implement into your own photography, helping you capture beautiful photos as a result.

I have long been a passionate photographer, with years of experience taking both good and bad photos Before I started researching the subject in more detail, it really was a case of as many failures as there were successes.

Through my years of trial and error, I have found some excellent tips and tricks that help you take the very best photos, regardless of which digital camera you choose to use.

To save you from the countless disappointments of poor photos and misinformation online, I have created this book. It will allow you to take all of the skills I have learned over a number of years, without having to make all the mistakes I made to get there

Inside Getting Started With DSLR Photography, discover:

Instructions on how to get started with a DSLR camera

● How to take professional-looking images

● What mistakes to avoid when taking photos with a digital camera

● How to make the most of your specific digital camera's functionality and capabilities

Inspiration on how to begin your own creative journey

It's amazing just how much information is crammed into one book on DSLR photography

After finishing this book, you will be equipped with the tools you need to go out and take some incredible photos with your camera and to start your own photography journey and impress your friends.

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ISBN: 9781637608593
ISBN-10: 1637608594
Publisher: Hym
Publication Date: December 19th, 2020
Pages: 94
Language: English