Candy Making: Discover the Fundamental Elements of How to Make Candy with Ease (Paperback)

Candy Making: Discover the Fundamental Elements of How to Make Candy with Ease By Bowe Packer Cover Image
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"Ready To Discover The Fun World Of Making Candy?" "Looking to understand the essentials in how to make candy?" "Tired of having candy that is gritty and lacks consistency and flavor?" This Practical Guide Is Designed For Those That Might Not Really Understand The Science Behind How To Make Good Quality Candy and Are Looking To Expand Their Candy Making Skills. Believe it or not, there are fundamental and essential elements that is needed to understand the vast candy making world. And I give them all to you within this guide. You will finally learn how to: Make candy like a veteran that will have everyone raving about it. Let's face it, if we don't know the fundamental and essential elements to making candy then how can we expect to make the stuff that we or anyone else will like. Discover these elements today and have a blueprint to making candy that looks good and taste great. The secret to your success will be how well you apply what you discover in this guide. Learn these elements, apply them and be well on your way to having candy that will be a big hit. Here is just a bit more of what You'll Learn about Making Candy. * The right tools of the trade. * The basic ingredients to almost all candy making. * The importance of Humidity. * Fundamental guidelines to follow for cooking candy. * Troubleshooting your candy making. * A Medley of different recipes. * And much more.... Candy making should be fun, especially when you gain the proper foundation. Gaining the knowledge of these factors and applying a sound fundamental elements to making candy will have you on your way to making delicious and good looking candy for the rest of your life .
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ISBN: 9781632873163
ISBN-10: 1632873168
Publisher: Bowe Packer
Publication Date: June 24th, 2014
Pages: 96
Language: English