Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery (Hardcover)

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By Samantha Cross (Editor)
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Prostate cancer refers to the cancer of the prostate. The cancer cells developed in the prostate may spread to the bone and lymph nodes. It can lead to blood in the urine, difficulty urinating, along with pain in the pelvis and back. Several tests facilitate the examination of the prostate and urinary tract. These include prostate imaging, digital rectal examination, cystoscopy, transrectal ultrasonography, prostate biopsy, etc. The key considerations before formulating a treatment plan include a review of other health issues of the individual, age, general health, treatment side effects, estimation of long-term life expectancy, etc. Treatment of aggressive prostate cancers may require surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound, hormonal therapy, cryosurgery, etc. The treatment of metastatic prostate cancer is difficult. If diagnosed early, it can have a good prognosis but cancers diagnosed with distant metastases have a lower survival rate. This book contains some path-breaking studies in the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of prostate cancer. It presents researches and studies performed by experts across the globe. It aims to equip students and experts with the advanced topics and upcoming concepts in oncology.
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Publication Date: September 22nd, 2020
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