Choral Counting & Counting Collections: Transforming the PreK-5 Math Classroom (Paperback)

Choral Counting & Counting Collections: Transforming the PreK-5 Math Classroom By Megan L. Franke, Elham Kazemi, Angela Chan Turrou Cover Image
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In this influential book from collaborative authors Megan L Franke, Elham Kazemi, and Angela Chan Turrou, Choral Counting & Counting Collections: Transforming the PreK – 5 Math Classroom, explores ways in which two routines -- Choral Counting and Counting Collections -- can transform your elementary math classroom, your students' math understanding, and your partnerships with families. It paints a vision for how deeply and creatively children can engage with ideas of number and operations and mathematical reasoning through counting.
  • PreK – Grade 5 Counting Activities: Choral Counting & Counting Collections brings new depth and dimension to two foundational features of the elementary school curriculum consistent with national and state standards. The book is organized by grade-level bands
  • Choral Counting: Choral Counting involves the teacher leading students in counting aloud together followed by a lively discussion of patterns they notice in the number sequence
  • Counting Collections: In Counting Collections, students figure out how many items are in a collection of fun objects then come up with a way to record their strategy
  • New Strategies for Elementary MathChoral Counting & Counting Collections demonstrates how to facilitate open-ended counting activities to deepen children's number sense as part of an approach to teaching student-centric mathematics
  • Benefits of Counting Activities: Counting activities can product both social and academic benefits and can help teachers engage with families to build on students' mathematical thinking

The authors have collected the wisdom of math teachers and researchers across the country who explore activities that are both playful and intentional, simple and sophisticated. If you're looking for ways to bring new energy into your math instruction, Choral Counting & Counting Collections: Transforming the PreK - 5 Math Classroom is the perfect book for you and your students. 

About the Author

Elham Kazemi is a professor of mathematics education at the University of Washington. She collaborates with schools to create professional learning communities where teachers learn from and with their students. She is a frequent presenter at national conferences.

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Publication Date: August 23rd, 2018
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