Genius Hour: Passion Projects That Ignite Innovation and Student Inquiry (Paperback)

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Genius Hour provides educators with the tools that they need to successfully implement Genius Hour, or passion projects, in the classroom. Presented through an easy-to-follow six-step strategy, teachers will utilize the 6 P's--passion, plan, pitch, project, product, and presentation--as a map for students to follow as they create, design, and carry out projects. Students will experience personalized learning through these self-driven projects, application of standards and real-world skills, and opportunities to learn through failure and reflection. The book includes handouts, suggested online resources, and tips and tricks to make the Genius Hour process meaningful for students and manageable for educators, as well as a discussion of Genius Hour's importance and impact on gifted students as they take ownership of their own learning.

2019 Teachers' Choice Award for Professional Development Winner

About the Author

Andi McNair is the Digital Innovation Specialist at ESC Region 12 in Waco, TX. Before working at the center, she taught elementary and gifted/talented students at a small rural school in Texas. Andi was in the classroom for a total of 16 years before pursuing her passion to change education by giving educators practical ways to create experiences that will engage and empower this generation of learners.
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ISBN: 9781618216342
ISBN-10: 1618216341
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: March 15th, 2017
Pages: 160
Language: English