The Power of the Blood of Jesus (Paperback)

The Power of the Blood of Jesus By Andrew Murray Cover Image
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God has spoken to us in the Scriptures in divers portions and in divers manners; but the voice is ever the same, it is always the Word of the same God. Hence the importance of treating the Bible as a whole, and receiving the witness it gives in its various portions, concerning certain definite truths. It is thus we learn to recognize the place these truths actually occupy in Revelation, or rather in the Heart of God. Thus, too, we begin to discover what the foundation truths of the Bible are, which above others demand attention. Standing as they do, so prominently, in each new departure in God's revelation; remaining unchanged when the Dispensation changes, they carry a divine intimation of their importance.
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ISBN: 9781617202759
ISBN-10: 1617202754
Publisher: Wilder Publications
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2011
Pages: 90
Language: English