Handbook of Prejudice (Hardcover)

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By Anton Pelinka (Editor), Karin Bischof (Editor), Karin Stgner (Editor)
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This book, which emerged from conversation at the Institute of Conflict Research in Vienna, contains twelve carefully researched and well-written essays on the timely topic of the problem of prejudice. The contributors were chosen for their scholarly expertise in their particular fields. Taken together they provide an interdisciplinary approach, each casting light from a different angle on the problem of prejudice. The book is divided into two parts. Part one explores six particular manifestations of prejudice: anti-semitism; sexism and heterosexism; prejudice against the sick, old, and handicapped; religious prejudice; racism; and social class prejudice. Part Two further illuminates these prejudices by focusing upon them through six theoretical lenses: history and art history; social functionalism; social psychology; bioscience; law; and contemporary language behavior. The final thirteenth chapter summarizes the book's findings. This book has been introduced by essays setting this work in context and carefully defining the meaning of the word "prejudice." This handbook presents a valuable set of insights, explanations, and theories, which can be used to develop a set of "best practices." Academic by nature, this handbook will enable those who are interested in an educational agenda to find the necessary analytical tools. This book will be an essential addition for all collections in sociology and especially for scholars interested in anti-Semitism, sexism, heterosexism, disability studies, geriatrics studies; religious studies, history, art history, psychology, bioscience, law, and contemporary language behavior.
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ISBN: 9781604976274
ISBN-10: 1604976276
Publisher: Cambria Press
Publication Date: November 26th, 2009
Pages: 520
Language: English