Home Away from Home: The Forgotten History of Orphanages (Hardcover)

Home Away from Home: The Forgotten History of Orphanages By Richard B. McKenzie (Editor) Cover Image
By Richard B. McKenzie (Editor)
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For most people, the word "orphanage" conjures up images of poor little Oliver Twist pleading for more gruel. Many are convinced that the history of orphanages is a social welfare record of total devastation to the lives of the children who grew up in them. Indeed, many of the scholars who contributed to Home Away From Home began their research with the conventional negative view of orphanages. But they arrived at far more balanced assessments of the historical record: while the orphanages studied were not perfect, they were often good solutions to dire conditions for children.

The future of America's most vulnerable citizens is on the line, says Richard B. McKenzie, the editor of this volume. Today's government-run child welfare system is detrimental to tens of thousands of children. Foster care, intended as a temporary solution, has turned into permanent but inadequate care for many. While adoption is a solution for some children, others are difficult to place or legally unavailable for permanent placement.

In re-examining the surprising success of orphanages in the past, Home Away From Home highlights the great value of providing a truly stable environment for youngsters, and it explains how orphanages might again be a powerfully beneficial social institution.

About the Author

RICHARD B. MCKENZIE grew up at the Barium Springs Home for Children in Piedmont, North Carolina. His experience there led him to write The Home: A Memoir of Growing Up in an Orphanage (1996) and to edit Rethinking Orphanages for the 21st Century (1998). He has also produced Homecoming: The Forgotten World of America's Orphanages, which has aired on PBS stations across the country. He is the Walter B. Gerken Professor of Enterprise and Society in the Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Irvine.
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