The Garbage Times/White Ibis: Two Novellas (Paperback)

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"I love the pulse of Sam Pink's sentences, the way they can hold the gorgeous and the grisly and the hilarious all at the same time. The Garbage Times/White Ibis thrilled me and messed me up, left me feeling a little dazed and a lot changed." --Laura van den Berg, author of The Third Hotel and Find Me

From the freezing alleys of Chicago to the dew-blanketed bayou of Florida. From bouncing drunks and cleaning up puke to biking through the swamp laughing at peacocks. Freeze to thaw. Filth and broken glass and black water backed up in showers; lizards and Girl Scouts and themed birthday parties. A baby rat freed from the bottom of a dumpster becomes a white ibis wandering the wet driveway after a storm. Goodbye, hello, goodbye. It was the garbage times; it was time for something else. A tale of two tales, connected by a mysterious sunlit portal.

Designed with t te-b che binding as a single volume.

About the Author

Sam Pink's books include Witch Piss, Rontel, Hurt Others, The No Hellos Diet, and Person. His writing has been published widely in print and on the internet, and translated into other languages. He sells paintings from

Praise For…

Praise for The Garbage Times/White Ibis

"Between awful jobs, country club soirées, reptile shows, and an unlikely turn entertaining a troop of Girl Scouts, the narrator and his girlfriend learn to thrive in 'the theme park state.' Pink certainly gets Florida right, and his prose is wonderfully offbeat." —Publishers Weekly

“I love the pulse of Sam Pink’s sentences, the way they can hold the gorgeous and the grisly and the hilarious all at the same time. The Garbage Times/White Ibis thrilled me and messed me up, left me feeling a little dazed and a lot changed.” —Laura van den Berg, author of The Third Hotel and Find Me

"Sam Pink is the most important writer in America. This isn't hyperbole. In a world of literary Bing Crosbys, Sam Pink is our Little Richard. The Garbage Times/White Ibis is the voice of the new writing underground." —Scott McClanahan, author of The Sarah Book and Hill William

"Sam Pink's writing is exquisitely succulent—it stimulates my intellect, makes me laugh and smile and feel complex emotions, and delights me with its tenderness, novelty, intensity, concision, and surprises." —Tao Lin, author of Trip and Taipei

Praise for Sam Pink

“Sam’s writing reminds me of Kurt Cobain’s or Eminem’s, with a mixture of anger and dead babies and umbilical cords. It alternates swiftly from humor and playfulness to isolation and sadness. You might read a piece through the first time laughing your ass off, but if you stay on the page long enough, let the words really sink in, you soon realize, hey, this isn’t funny at all, actually, this is really fucked up and sick and heartbreaking as hell.” —Elizabeth Ellen, editor of Short Flight/Long Drive Books

Praise for Witch Piss

“By eschewing a traditional plot and letting the voices of the characters tell their own tales, the author created an immersive novel built on oral tradition and street slang. When mixed with a touch of social critique and a good dose of humor, Witch Piss becomes one of Pink's most bizarre and daring offerings so far.” —Bookslut

Witch Piss seemed to—please forgive the triteness of what I'm about to type—’give a real voice to the otherwise voiceless.’ Laughed out loud a lot while reading this book.” —Jordan Castro, “My Favorite Art (and Other) Things of 2014, Hobart

Praise for Person

“How can you tell a story that is about nothing? Sam Pink’s Person, the Bizarro equivalent of Albert Camus’s The Stranger (as if The Stranger wasn’t already strange enough), does just that. Person is written in the first person, and it’s about a person, living in Chicago. That’s it—or at least, that’s about as much as we can say about it. Take this sentence though: “I live in Chicago and I don’t get along with a lot of people and the reasons are always new and wonderful.” It’s poetry that reads like a book—or maybe vice versa. This is existentialist Bizarro Literature at its finest.” —Flavorwire

“A phenomenal achievement.” —Mike Daily, author of Alarm and Valley

“If you read just one book this year, let it be Sam Pink’s Person.” —Electric Literature

“One of the most exciting, most inspiring novelists currently writing.” —Thought Catalog

“It made me laugh and my hair stand on end.” —HTMLGIANT

“…there’s a troubling build-up of rage and self-destructive desire that makes Person incredibly unsettling. In other words, he’s a great example of why I carry Mace. —The Fanzine

“It’s a compulsive page-turner […] There’s something infectious, I think, about the honesty of the book, in how it relates the sometimes unflattering aspects of what goes on in a person’s daily life.” —The Faster Times

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ISBN: 9781593766818
ISBN-10: 1593766815
Publisher: Soft Skull Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2018
Pages: 272
Language: English