Ace the Verbal on the SAT (Paperback)

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Many students are not accepted in to certain colleges and universities because of low SAT scores. Loren Meierding has written Ace the Verbal on the SAT to help students with minimal preparation do well by improving their vocabulary and use better techniques for finding the answers to the questions. This book provides strategies needed to score high on the Verbal Reasoning section of the New SAT by offering: words (organized by Indo-European roots) with definitions and sources needed to expand vocabulary of more than 2,000 important words, advice on how to prepare for the new writing section of the SAT, an understanding of what to look for in the critical reading passages. Although most useful to students, this guidebook will be also be of interest to parents, teachers, and administrators to help prepare test takers.

About the Author

Loren Meierding, now a caregiver, was previously a system engineer designing defense and transportation systems for Hughes Aircraft Company. His studies specialized in analytic philosophy, epistemology, logic, and philosophy of science writing a Ph.D. dissertation on the argument from evil.
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ISBN: 9781578861989
ISBN-10: 1578861985
Publisher: R & L Education
Publication Date: March 31st, 2005
Pages: 264
Language: English