The Dead That Walk: Flesh-Eating Stories (Paperback)

The Dead That Walk: Flesh-Eating Stories Cover Image
By James Lowder (Editor), Stephen Jones (Editor)
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Of all the ghoulish monsters, zombies are the most horrific. Reanimated corpses of real people--perhaps even a former friend or relative--these undead brethren rise from the grave to devour your delicious living flesh.

Far more sophisticated than the brain-eating mobs popularized in movies, zombies are as diverse as living humans, and this collection presents a frightening blood-rich cross section of zombie literature, including stories set in the early 19th century, the Great Depression and the futuristic zombie apocalypse of tomorrow.

Bringing together the greatest zombie authors--Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Clive Barker, Harlan Ellison, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Ramsey Campbell, Joe R. Lansdale, Kim Newman, Michael Marshall Smith, Joe Hill and many others--The Dead That Walk offers terrifying tales of dread that will drag you screaming into a nightmare world where death does not mean the end, and those who survive are next on the menu.

About the Author

Stephen Jones is an award-winning anthologist. He is also the winner of three World Fantasy Awards, four Horror Writer Association Bram Stoker Awards and three International Horror Guild Awards, and is an 18-time recipient of the British Fantasy Award.
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ISBN: 9781569757376
ISBN-10: 1569757372
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2009
Pages: 416
Language: English