The Attic (Serbian Literature) (Paperback)

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By Danilo Kis, John K. Cox (Translator)
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"The Attic" is Danilo Kiš's first novel. Written in 1960, published in 1962, and set in contemporary Belgrade, it explores the relationship of a young man, known only as Orpheus, to the art of writing; it also tracks his relationship with a colorful cast of characters with nicknames such as Eurydice, Mary Magdalene, Tam-Tam, and Billy Wise Ass. Rich with references to music, painting, philosophy, and gastronomy, this bohemian "Bildungsroman" is a laboratory of technique and style for the young Kiš--at once a depiction of life in literary Belgrade, a register of stylistic devices and themes that would recur throughout Kiš's oeuvre, and an account of one young man's quest to find a way to balance his life, his loves, and his art.

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ISBN: 9781564787347
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Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 2012
Pages: 115
Language: English
Series: Serbian Literature