Awakening to Kabbalah: The Guiding Light of Spiritual Fulfillment (Paperback)

Awakening to Kabbalah: The Guiding Light of Spiritual Fulfillment By Michael Laitman Cover Image
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Explore the foundations of Kabbalah with one of the greatest Kabbalists of our generation and learn how the teachings of this wisdom tradition can contribute to your search for awareness, enlightenment, and ultimate spiritual fulfillment.

Infused with insight from his experience as a scientist, Rav Michael Laitman introduces the historical figures who have developed Kabbalah since the time of Abraham, addresses the kabbalistic significance of the Torah and the mystical interpretation of the Zohar, and explains how anyone with the desire to do so can draw nearer to the Creator using the tools he provides.

It's never too late to reach new heights of spirituality, affect positive changes in your own life and make a difference in the world. This stunning exploration will help get you started today.

-- The vast and deep knowledge one can attain from this Kabbalah book is unmatched.

-- Kabbalah is a historic Jewish book of thought that delves into the depths of spiritual energy.

-- This Kabbalah book is a masterpiece amongst its peers. This book brings the wealthy culture of Kabbalah to life for all to understand.

-- Utilizing new perspectives will grant us the ability to use Kabbalah to better ourselves.

-- Up until very recently, Kabbalah was reserved for the elite, those who only after years of scholarship and practice were allowed to enter this mystical realm. Today, you can study it through these Kabbalah books.

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Publication Date: November 13th, 2016
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