Dog Psychology: How to Know What Your Dog is Thinking, Understanding Your Best Friend (Paperback)

Dog Psychology: How to Know What Your Dog is Thinking, Understanding Your Best Friend By Leonardo Kensington Cover Image
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This is an easy-to-read guide giving insight into your best friend and how to understand them. I go into from where dogs came from, to when they were domesticated to showing you how to decode barks and physical body actions. I show you how you spot fear in your dog, what causes it and how you can teach your dog to overcome fear. I go into showing you whether they are about to become aggressive. This is really useful information so you can anticipate and prevent fights or just keep your dog safe from harms way. 11 Chapters This Book Will Become your 'Go To Resource' that will Change your Perception on your Best Friend and how you understand them: 1. The Origin of Dogs 2. An Interesting Brain Test 3. Dog Senses 4. The Sixth Sense 5. Barking Decoded 6. Body language Decoded 7. Fear and Overcoming it 8. How to deal with Behaviour problems 9. Reducing Flatulence 10. How to Improve your Dogs Breath 11. How to improve your Dogs Smell This is a guide to changing how you think about Dogs, so you can understand and communicate with your best friend much more effectively. This book examines the mind of the dog with examples taken from practical experience, with the aim of explaining to owners how the world appears from a dog's point of view. Building a bond with a dog is an amazing experience, something that everyone should do at least once in their life. It's about trust, loyalty, respect, friendship and love. Creating a strong relationship is about understanding. If you would like an insight, more skills or you are just starting out with a puppy then i can help you. Curious to know more? Well I also go into mysterious sixth sense with explanations and an incredible test that has been conducted on how dogs think and how this can help us. About the Author: I have been a keen dog owner for over 20 years and I've given various talks at dog associations, animal seminars and University's. I'm a practicing veterinarian and lecture internationally at veterinary colleges on animal behavior. I also work for a number of animal protection charities which is one of my passions and own my own Golden Retriever called Sheena. I look forward to teaching you more about our canine friends. --Leonardo.
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ISBN: 9781533268198
ISBN-10: 1533268193
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 12th, 2016
Pages: 48
Language: English