I Love The Moon (Paperback)

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A beautifully illustrated short book about the moon for the 2-4 year age range, particularly good for bedtime reading. A visually appealing rhythmic narrative about a little child's fascination and wonder at the changing shapes of the moon.

The narrative goes consecutively from full moon, to half-moon, to crescent, and then a starry night with no moon at all. At the end of the book there is a description of the 8 phases of the moon with their proper names, which creates a good teaching opportunity.

This delightful little books also helps your child to master the phonic sounds "ight" and "all"

Product Details
ISBN: 9781527275522
ISBN-10: 1527275523
Publisher: Judy Wiltshire
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2020
Pages: 24
Language: English