Lesbian: Licking the Governor (Lesbian Mystery, Lesbian Erotica, lesbian Romance (Paperback)

Lesbian: Licking the Governor (Lesbian Mystery, Lesbian Erotica, lesbian Romance By Olivia Hampshire Cover Image
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WARNING - This book contains steamy romance scenes and is not suitable for all ages. You may be too young or too old to survive this. Debbie and Natasha were enjoying the amenities of Harriet's jet. They made small talk as they relaxed on the comfortable, cushioned chairs. Debbie allowed Natasha to sample from the well-stocked bar, while she stuck to water. The combination of alcohol and altitude got Natasha fairly inebriated again, and she began to ramble on about her boyfriend Todd. Natasha was upset with Todd, and how showed so little understanding for the long hours she spent in training. She had invited him to come with her on her holiday in Beverly Hills, but he had refused. "Oh Debbie, I think he is having an affair," Natasha moaned. Debbie did the best she could to refrain from rolling her eyes, and watched as Natasha stood up to pour herself another drink. Natasha took a quick shot of vodka, and then collapsed into Debbie's arms, sobbing. Debbie did what she could to comfort the poor girl, stroking her beautiful black hair and caressing her back. "There, there," she repeated until the girl's sobs had died down into a gentle whimper. Natasha's small body fit easily in Debbie's lap, and it felt unexpectedly good to cradle her. As the tears stopped, Debbie felt her motherly comfort turning into sexual interest. Her strokes became deliberate and drawn out. Debbie moved her hands lower and lower with each touch, until she was grazing Natasha's ass.

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Licking the Governor It's election time in Alabama and the newest, hottest candidate is a striking hot lesbian that can take the state into a new direction and make Alabama the Paris of the world. The powers that be say they don't can't go gay in the Governor's Office. That's what they say anyway. Money talks and bullshit walks. Step up the most wealthy lesbian in the United States to send in her girl to get the job done. Brown, Debbie Brown. She's hot. Steaming hot and smart with her own private jet, driving the most expensive BMW on the road today. And Pussy. Debbie Brown like some pussy and pussy like her. How many first time lesbian loves will Debbie Brown leave by the side of the road as she get's her job done. What will happen? Can Harriett and Debbie Brown pull it off? Will Alabama open the doors, or stay in the barn. Licking the Governor.
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ISBN: 9781523959037
ISBN-10: 1523959037
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 8th, 2016
Pages: 56
Language: English