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Full Surprise Bonus Book Added Just for You. "Finding My Self."

In "The Ride to Joy," Ann Lee had negated one love in her life, and her life style, the true Ann, was not welcome in her home. She gave up what she loved to study hard and to obtain a very mundane occupation. This made her father extremely happy. It made Ann Lee miserable.

Ann Lee decided to visit, "The House of Romance." You might know the real name of this hotel owned by Grace and Claudia, located on the Mediterranean, a few miles from Barcelona, Spain.

Stepping into the door of the hotel began to immediately change Ann Lee's outlook on life, and then the excitement, and opportunities for great joys escalated when Ann Lee meets Bridgette, the woman of her dreams.

"That Ann Lee had some ups and downs and some other stuff going on in here that I really enjoyed also. I could relate to the conflict with society and her new friend and her father. I too spent years and years and years attempting to satisfy other people before satisfying myself. And I mean years. I don't want to mess the story up for anybody, but I did cry at the end and as I stopped reading, I walked away feeling very good. Thank you Olivia for the feeling." Violet, Santa Barbara, CA

"Spin the Bottle No Olivia. You didn't. What a twist in the story. I never, ever heard of spin the bottle being played like this. The end of the story got me again. I was crying. You did it again Olivia. Thank you for brightening my day with this wonderful lesbian romance story." Claire, London, England

"I could really feel for Ann Lee. My partner and I, as well as many of our best friends just knew that their was a whole different life style out there somewhere. We all knew that life was more than a suit, an 8 to 5 and car a payment. A few of us became free by breaking the mold. Those of us that did, became examples for others. This is what I saw in this book. I am buying copies for my friends. Thank you Olivia " Kennedy, Scottsdale, AZ

"Hi Olivia. Thank you again I loved the beginning, the middle and the end. The ending was very powerful for me. And as usual in the House of Romance, yes, we fans know the real name of the place, but in there, you never know what Grace and Claudia are going to be up to, or how they are going to take care of their clients. I was very happy to see Alice again, and the advise she gave to Ann Lee was warming." Vivian, Birmingham, AL

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Full Surprise Bonus Book Added Just for You. "Finding My Self.
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