Mudras: The Complete Guide to Mudras - Learn To Radiate Energy, Love and Serenity (Paperback)

Mudras: The Complete Guide to Mudras - Learn To Radiate Energy, Love and Serenity By Veronica Baruwal Cover Image
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The Magic is In Your Fingertips Radiate Energy, Love and Serenity. Have you been stressed lately? Maybe you feel a little tension in your neck and back? Or are you someone who aims to have more love and peace in your life? Do you know that you can deal with all these just by using your hands? Yes, you read it right This healing practice is known as Mudra. It involves mainly the hands, and delivers a symbolic gesture as a way to enlightenment and well-being. If you do not know yet, our hands are powerful keys that can unlock doors to our spiritual being, and when Mudras are practiced, it then awakens the very heart of who we are. Mudra uses energy and allows harmonious flow of the vital elements in our body to promote good health and a sound mind. It is a natural way to influence energy and mood to lead you to the path of wisdom. Moreover, it is greatly used to treat physical ailments that you've been carrying on for a while. How to: - Keep your palm flat and all the fingers open. - Bend the little finger and let the tip of the little finger touch the tip of the thumb. - This should form a circle like structure. - All the other fingers should be kept straight. Hold this position for 45 minutes every day. Benefits: - This mudra is highly beneficial in detoxifying the body. You can wash away the impurities and get rid of the toxins present into the body, skin, blood etc with this mudra. - It is highly useful in getting a clear and radiant skin with beautiful hair. - It is also beneficial in various digestive problems and can be used to tackle dehydration. It doesn't end there This book will also show you different healing effects of mudras for your soul, body, and mind Every bit of it is explained thoroughly in this book It is more interesting than it looks, and you'll be surprised to feel the difference in your life after you've done it The magic starts within you so let's get started.
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