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Equity? Equitable? What's that? Equities means stock-right? Equity-in your house? Equitable, means fair?
wrong. Wrong. WRONG. Feeling confused? Oh yeah, know how THAT feels...
Well, let's work together to solve your EQUITY problems
Are you struggling to understand the complexities of equitable remedies in law? Do you need a fun and effective way to study and remember these legal concepts? Look no further than "Equitable Remedies: Subtitle (Quizmaster Law Flash Cards)"

With more than 100 quiz questions and answers, these quiz questions are like digital flashcards for your legal studies. Science shows that active learning is the most effective way to remember information, and these quiz questions will help you try to figure out the law for yourself. Clear and concise explanatory answers verify and reinforce what you got right, and correct your mistakes.

Studying with these quiz question flashcards will help you get good grades and pass the bar exam, as well as prepare you for success in your legal career. You'll understand the different types of equitable remedies, such as specific performance, injunctions, rescission, reformation, and restitution, as well as ancillary remedies like laches, unclean hands, and estoppel.

Studying law doesn't have to be a chore These quiz cards are perfect for a fun and social way to review the law. Challenge your friends or partner to a game of legal trivia and think like a professor - or even out-think them Take the flashcards to a bar trivia night and have fun stumping each other. This book is great for traditional self-study or for use in social gatherings like SBA meetings, debating unions, and moot court.

The author and editor of this series have earned law degrees from the USA, France, and Germany, and have taught law in several countries. With dozens of published articles and books on all aspects of law, they are trusted authorities on the subject.

Don't struggle with equity any longer - buy "Equitable Remedies (Quizmaster Law Flash Cards)" today and start mastering equity concepts in a fun and effective way

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