Isis: Behind Enemy Lines (Paperback)

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The monstrous act of terrorism has caused many a grief that they have had to live with throughout their lives. To terrorism, many have lost loved ones, many have had their innocence ripped apart and even faced the harshest brutality that no one would ever believe humans have the capacity to commit. One wonders and many questions then begin to clog the mind as to whether terrorists really do have conscience and whether their happiness is hinged on the grave atrocities they commit; on a daily basis. But come to think of it. Of what gain or fame does a barbaric terror organization like ISIS justify their heinous atrocities? Catching a glimpse into the world of terrorism like that of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is something that only a few would mutter the courage to have. In less than a year, the world has been fast forwarded to a new world of terrorism that has since not only changed many a world view of dealing with what has claimed thousands of lives but also something whose expression of ideological differences and ways of settling scores is terrifying. ISIS is perhaps the worst that the world has ever witnessed of a terrorist group whose fundamental principles by which it is established is to enslave, crucify, burn, behead, rape and expressively create a state that glorifies horrific evil. The question is; what is the world doing? Behind enemy lines explores to lay bare what transpires in the ISIS self-declared caliphate. Capturing thousands of hectares of land straddling Iraq and Syria would not have been enough to let the world know what ISIS seeks to achieve in the 21st Century but redefining terror, misinterpretation of laws and misrepresentation of religion; ISIS believes is the best way to be felt, heard, feared and let to be. Cast into limelight as an up to no good terrorist group, this book delves into the very speculative biting, stinging and burning issues that the ISIS "world" is made of. Behind enemy lines gives you an insightful, verified, independent, objective and comprehensive outlook of life in the terrorist group ISIS controlled areas that has pitted it against a world of peace keepers, so desperate, determined and upbeat to quash its existence; all in one package.
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ISBN: 9781511874175
ISBN-10: 1511874171
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2015
Pages: 86
Language: English