Bartleby, The Scrivener: In Contemporary American English (Paperback)

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Herman Melville's "Bartleby, the Scrivener," is an intriguing and suspenseful story concerning the difficult social relations among humans: of both, boss and underlings. Before Bartleby is even introduced, readers get thoroughly acquainted with the staff and the boss, who is also the narrator, of the strange story. On the surface the story seems an easy reading and lesson on labor-management techniques, or lack of them. But below the surface we encounter a serious problem of human behavior (disobedience and passive aggression), with touches and allusions to the supernatural. In a way the story is a metaphor for the "alienation" of the workers, who are subjected to earning a living in unchallenging, tedious, and dead-end occupations as that of a law-copyists. So, that success can only be abrogated by the condescending and ruling class-those with connections and who can rig the system to their unjust enrichment. Yet, this is only one interpretation; the story is open to endless ones. The original text may be daunting and it is often abandoned midway by many readers. Yet, it is a story that deserves to be read; therefore, this edition has been re-paragraphed to push the narrative drive, some stilted words substituted, and chapter subtitles added.
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