C++/CLI: The Visual C++ Language for .Net (Paperback)

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C++/CLI is arguably the most powerful language on the .NET 2.0 Platform, as it is the only one that gives developers the option to directly access their computer's hardware from within the .NET managed code environment. As such it is ideal for the types of processor- and memory-intensive tasks for which C++ has traditionally been used. This book gives developers - both new and experienced - a small, fast-paced primer that kick-starts them into the world of C++/CLI. In twenty no-fluff chapters Microsoft insiders take readers into the heart of the C++/CLI language and explain both how the language elements work and how Microsoft intends them to be used. At the end of this short book readers will have a deep thorough grounding in the core language elements and the confidence to explore further that comes from a solid understanding of a language's syntax and grammar.

About the Author

Gordon Hogenson is the manager responsible for the Visual C++ documentation, has worked as a technical writer and testing engineer for Visual C++, C# and other Microsoft products for nine years. He has avid interests in many diverse fields, including botany and organic gardening, chemistry, physics, metaphysics and philosophy.
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ISBN: 9781484220276
ISBN-10: 1484220277
Publisher: Apress
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2016
Pages: 414
Language: English