Brothers Make the Best Friends (Paperback)

Brothers Make the Best Friends By April Dillow Cover Image
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This brother and sister spend a lot of time playing, exploring, and creating together. Take a journey with them as they hunt for Rollie Pollies, build forts, play games, and put on puppet shows. The book captures the special bond between a brother and a sister. Sometimes brothers may make you mad, but they are also there to make you smile. After all, brothers make the best friends!

About the Author

I am Joe's wife and a mother to three children: Aislin, Johnny, and James.Brothers Make The Best Friends was written out of my desire to document the relationship between a brother and a sister. My brother, John and I were each other's first friends. When John took his life in 2014 my heart was broken and my oldest friend was gone. In the weeks following his passing, I watched my son and daughter playing together and I longed to capture that special bond. Using my childhood experiences, the experiences of my niece and nephew, and my son and daughter, I was able to paint a picture of the true blessing that a brother is, and ultimately what a blessing siblings are.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781483577340
ISBN-10: 1483577341
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: September 12th, 2016
Pages: 24
Language: English