So You Painted Your First Watercolors. Now What? (Paperback)

So You Painted Your First Watercolors. Now What? Cover Image
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You painted your first ever watercolor and it pleased you; it pleased you because you did it just for you, which is the only genuine reason for attempting anything creative. This inspired you to knock out even more, perhaps six, even a dozen. Now you are hooked. You carry on and soon you have twenty, perhaps as many as thirty. Now what? You could decorate the walls of your home with them; that would give you an incentive to get up in morning; just to look at them, to be thankful for them, to luxuriate in a sense of inner fulfillment. You could invite your friends to a preview one evening; they would appreciate your work and proffer congratulations. But you could do more... You could plan ahead to exhibit your pictures to an international audience. With its bite size instruction this pragmatic little manual will show you how...
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ISBN: 9781480111004
ISBN-10: 1480111007
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 14th, 2012
Pages: 26
Language: English