Drunk Driving Defense (Hardcover)

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For even the most seasoned attorneys, defending DUI cases has always presented special challenges. Today--due to legislative developments, the introduction of incredibly sophisticated blood alcohol-testing technologies, and an increasingly harsh prosecutorial climate--mounting a successful defense is more difficult than ever.

The new Eighth Edition of Drunk Driving Defense is updated to reflect recent developments which includes a new section on Sentencing of Non-Citizens; detailed information about the SCRAM(R) (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) device; updated state-by-state listing of DMV contacts; and expanded discussions on the offense of DUI by marijuana, the source code issue in breath testing devices, and how recent U.S. Supreme Court cases impact the admissibility of chemical test evidence in a DUI case.

Drunk Driving Defense provides hard-hitting tactics every step of the way, from the administrative license suspension hearing, to the pretrial investigation, to cross-examination of police and expert witnesses, and finally to the jury summation itself. You'll be fully briefed on the statutory and case law, evidentiary issues and procedures applied in federal and state courts nationwide.

With Drunk Driving Defense, you'll discover practice-proven DUI defense strategies and techniques on:

  • Increasing the odds of success at the administrative license suspension hearing
  • Using pretrial discovery and suppression motions to weaken a case or get it dismissed
  • Discrediting field sobriety tests using leading-edge techniques
  • Using newly-developed voir dire strategies to help lay the foundation for a solid defense and a powerful jury summation
  • Strengthening your case using recent developments in breath, blood and urine analysis

You'll also find clear explanations of key scientific and technological issues, and practical tools to streamline case preparation and presentation

Written by Lawrence Taylor and Steven Oberman, Drunk Driving Defense is generally considered to be the standard-bearing reference in the field.

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ISBN: 9781454871859
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Publication Date: August 24th, 2016
Pages: 490
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