Body Sovereignty: Fat Politics and the Fight for Human Rights (Hardcover)

Body Sovereignty: Fat Politics and the Fight for Human Rights By Caleb Luna, Shilo M. George, Elaine K. Lee Cover Image
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Despite an increasing percentage of the U.S. population who are overweight, dismantling the negative framework around fat bodies has been extremely challenging for changemakers who are interested in securing fundamental human rights and equal protection for fat people in the law, in healthcare, and in society.

Body Sovereignty: Fat Politics and the Fight for Human Rights examines not only weight-based discrimination, but the underlying politics that benefit and encourage it to thrive. The authors simultaneously call attention to the fat liberation movement's intersections with race, class, and disability politics and the real people whose lives are affected by their outsider status. They highlight fat injustice from various perspectives, such as health and law, and uplift the often-overlooked voices of people of color, disabled people, superfat people, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Body Sovereignty invites readers to consider fat bodies and the politics of fatness from a nuanced, forward-thinking vantage point that values the voices of fat people as experts of their own experience and people worthy of equal rights.

About the Author

Caleb Luna, BA, is a writer, activist, teacher, performer, and scholar.Shilo M. George, MS, is an international speaker, trainer, and owner of Lush Kumtux Tumtum Consulting. Elaine K. Lee, JD, is a fat activist, former corporate attorney and computer engineer. Sondra Solovay, JD, is a Berkeley Law-trained attorney, preeminent scholar in the field of fat studies.
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ISBN: 9781440843624
ISBN-10: 1440843627
Publisher: Praeger
Publication Date: December 31st, 2022
Pages: 210
Language: English