The Exchange: Mind to Body the Next Evolution (Paperback)

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Frank Freiberg, a forty-four-year-old fighter pilot, is unknowingly recruited into the middle of a tormenting government program that takes him to the edge of his limits time after time, testing the boundaries of life, death, and how much one human being can endure. The Exchange is a thought-provoking and gripping Sci-Fi drama about newly discovered computer technology that enables an entire lifetime of thoughts and memories - some would say one's identity - to be downloaded, stored, and then uploaded into different body. The hitch: The Exchange can only take place after the host brain is completely erased, in much the same way we wipe clean a computer's hard-drive. Frank's journey revolves around espionage, government corruption, human trafficking, abused and abandoned children, and ancient myths... and evokes in the reader profound questions of morality, ethical boundaries, death, and dying. The world as we know it is exponentially evolving, according to Moore's law. Some believe "Singularity" or an "Intelligence Explosion" could occur as early as 2045. Humans as a species have not had to attempt to understand themselves as much as we will be forced to in a few short years. Humans will be compelled to make new moral and ethical decisions about what constitutes the meaning of life. What are the moral implications of living multiple lives in different bodies? How would our perspective of purpose, goals, education, age, life and death change? How would you live your life differently if you could choose different lifetimes? Whose body would you choose? We could no longer assume someone's emotional age by looking at their body's biological age. As humans, our entire lives are compartmentalized by eras, delineated by expectations of age; all that would change. A cataclysmic evolution of the concept of self could take place within the span of one generation. The Exchange: Mind to Body, the Next Evolution explores the possibilities this dramatic event could have on the future of humanity. The government always seeks to regulate its constituents. How would they control the right and freedom to exchange? Who would be allowed access to a new technology, which would be a metamorphosis of self? How could corruption and greed be controlled, and individuals protected from those who seek to manipulate technology for personal or political gain? How would this affect crime, identifying suspects, tracking individuals, and punishment? The Exchange identifies some of these potential future complexities to our safety and security. The Exchange is the first of a three-part, fast-paced, tantalizing and riveting around-the-world trilogy.
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ISBN: 9781432786014
ISBN-10: 1432786016
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2012
Pages: 244
Language: English