Invertebrates of Southern Africa & their Tracks and Signs (Paperback)

Invertebrates of Southern Africa & their Tracks and Signs By Lee Gutteridge Cover Image
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A must-have book for nature lovers, encouraging them to look a little closer. Invertebrates of Southern Africa and their Tracks & Signs covers a never-before-explored aspect of Southern African nature and is an essential new addition to the library of every nature lover. It was researched and written over the last four and a half years to open a door to a little known micro-world that exists all around us. Invertebrates – which include commonly seen creatures such as butterflies, spiders, beetles, worms and scorpions – are everywhere. The signs of their day-to-day activities are all around us if we know where to look. The life cycles and behaviors of many animals are discussed, with a special focus on interactions between mammals and invertebrates. While working on this book, Lee Gutteridge spent many hours in the field with expert entomologists and arachnologists, many of whom commented that even though they had spent a lifetime in the field, this experience of invertebrate tracking had changed the way that they see the invertebrate world.

About the Author

Lee Gutteridge is an experienced, enthusiastic and well-known wildlife author, nature guide and trainer. With 25 years of experience in the bush, he has come to realize that guiding is not just about knowledge, but more importantly about how one shares the knowledge. Lee trains other guide and tracker teams at some of Africa’s top lodges, with programs focusing on a wide range of subjects including track identification.
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ISBN: 9781431421572
ISBN-10: 143142157X
Publisher: Jacana Media
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2018
Pages: 424
Language: English