The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits (Hardcover)

The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits By Roland E. Thomas, Albert J. Rosa, Gregory J. Toussaint Cover Image
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Textbook covering the fundamentals of circuit analysis and design, now with additional examples, exercises, and problems

The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits, 10th Edition, taps into engineering students' desire to explore, create, and put their learning into practice by presenting linear circuit theory, with an emphasis on circuit analysis and how to evaluate competing designs. The text integrates active and passive linear circuits, allowing students to understand and design a wide range of circuits, solve analytical problems, and devise solutions to problems.

The authors use both phasors and Laplace techniques for AC circuits, enabling better understanding of frequency response, filters, AC power, and transformers. The authors have increased the integration of MATLAB and Multisim in the text and revised content to be up-to-date with technology when appropriate. The text uses a structured pedagogy where objectives are stated in each chapter opener and examples and exercises are developed so that the students achieve mastery of each objective. The available problems revisit each objective and a suite of problems of increasing complexity task the students to check their understanding.

Topics covered in The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits, 10th Edition, include:

  • Basic circuit analysis, including element, connection, combined, and equivalent circuits, voltage and current division, and circuit reduction
  • Circuit analysis techniques, including node-voltage and mesh-current analysis, linearity properties, maximum signal transfer, and interface circuit design
  • Signal waveforms, including the step, exponential, and sinusoidal waveforms, composite waveforms, and waveform partial descriptors
  • Laplace transforms, including signal waveforms and transforms, basic properties and pairs, and pole-zero diagrams
  • Network functions, including network functions of one-and two port circuits, impulse response, step response, and sinusoidal response
  • An appendix that lists typical RLC component values and tolerances along with a number of reference tables and OP AMP building blocks that are foundational for analysis and design.

With an overarching goal of instilling smart judgment surrounding design problems and innovative solutions, The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits, 10th Edition, provides inspiration and motivation alongside an essential knowledge base. The text is designed for two semesters and is complemented with robust supplementary material to enhance various pedagogical approaches, including an Instructors Manual which features an update on how to use the book to complement the 2022-23 ABET accreditation criteria, 73 lesson outlines using the new edition, additional Instructor Problems, and a Solutions Manual.

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