No Entry Without Love (Paperback)

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The delightful Claudia takes us into a story that is different in every imaginable way
The narrative is in the first person, and though it is a report of a sequence of events in a short period of time, she has marked it into three separate parts, despite the chapter numbers continuing sequentially from 1 to the end.

Part-1, The Three of Us, reveals three extremely beautiful teen schoolgirls, Cathy, Louisa and Claudia, in a small town near Kansas City, starting with some background information on them as childhood friends, and going on to an explicit description of how they first become lesbian lovers.
Thereafter, as they explore each other, they invent sex games, one of which can be stressful. When the stress proves too much for Claudia to handle, she threatens to destroy the love affair, which results in a shockingly different spanking by the other two. And that, in turn, leads to deployment of the Scandinavian system to repair her butt.

Part-2, The Two of Them, tells of the lesbian girls moving to college in Kansas City, and becoming bisexual. The other two, barring Claudia, are able to tap into boys who have been chasing after them since school, but Claudia has no one in that position.
It is not easy, as the girls are filled with anxiety that becoming partnered with men might lose them their lesbian love affair, and so the first time for each girl has to be in an environment where the other two girls are present, and physically involved in the sex.

In Part-3, The One of Me, we find Claudia as the only pure lesbian left, and turned into a group venture of her girlfriends and their boyfriends. But, try as they might, Claudia has acquired mental problems, and becomes unable to accept any man.
She openly admits to jealousy, and becomes desperate to be sure that any man she accepts for sex, has genuine love for her.
This becomes a frantic quest, especially when she adopts strange ideas about what might constitute proof of love.

Innocent. Ruminative. Explicit. And the most fun read, ever
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ISBN: 9781393751410
ISBN-10: 1393751415
Publisher: Indiependent Publishing
Publication Date: April 10th, 2021
Pages: 308
Language: English