UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities (Paperback)

UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities By John B. Alexander, Ph.D., Burt Rutan (Introduction by), Jacques F. Vallee (Foreword by), Tom Clancy (Commentaries by) Cover Image
By John B. Alexander, Ph.D., Burt Rutan (Introduction by), Jacques F. Vallee (Foreword by), Tom Clancy (Commentaries by)
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A never-before-heard firsthand account of a government insider's experience on the cutting edge of UFO exploration; includes a new afterword

"Forget everything you think you know about UFOs - this insider's account exposes the reality... Packed with top grade information, insightful analysis and fascinating anecdotes, Alexander's interesting and controversial book sets the gold standard for titles on this subject." –Nick Pope, author of Open Skies, Closed Minds

"Changes the playing field for both true believers and skeptics alike. Alexander strongly warns, be careful what you wish for when asking for presidential intervention. Success could set the field of ufology back decades." --George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

While still on active duty in the U.S. Army during the 1980s, Colonel John B. Alexander, Ph.D. created an interagency group to explore the controversial topic of UFOs. All members held Top Secret clearance. What they discovered was not at all what was expected. UFOs covers the numerous cases they saw, and answers questions like:

• What was really in Hanger 18?

• Did a UFO land at Holloman Air Force Base?

• What happened at Roswell?

• What is Majestic 12?

• What is the Aviary?

• What does the government know about UFOs?

• What has happened with disclosure in other countries?

• Has the U.S. reverse engineered a UFO?

• Why don't presidents get access to UFO info?

UFOs is at once a complete account of Alexander's findings, and a call to action. There are no conspiracy theories here—only hard facts—but they are merely the beginning.

Foreword by Jacques F. Vallee

Introduction by Burt Rutan

Commentary by Tom Clancy

About the Author

After retiring from the Army, Dr. JOHN B. ALEXANDER joined Los Alamos National Laboratory where he was instrumental in developing the concept of Non-Lethal Defense.  As a program manager, he conducted non-lethal warfare briefings at the highest levels of government including the White House Staff, National Security Council, Members of Congress, Director of Central Intelligence, and senior Defense officials. In 2003 he served as a mentor to Afghan Ministry of Defense senior officials through the Office of Military Cooperation–Afghanistan. He has trekked remote areas of Tibet including the Mount Everest Base Camp, went to Timbuktu in the Sahel in West Africa, tracked gorillas in Rwanda, met shamans in the Amazon, and in 2010 traveled across cartel controlled areas of Central America. His books include UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities, Future War and Winning the War.

Tom Clancy's many thrillers include The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger. He died in 2013.

Praise For…

“Alexander succeeds in separating solid facts and credible witnesses from the myths and conspiracy theorists.” —Publishers Weekly

“John Alexander is the real deal. He doesn't just talk the talk - he's walked the walk. Here's a man with a top secret security clearance who researched the UFO phenomenon and discussed it at the highest levels, in the shadowy world of military and intelligence which he's inhabited for decades. Forget everything you think you know about UFOs - this insider's account exposes the reality. And it's a reality that will come as a big surprise. Packed with top grade information, insightful analysis and fascinating anecdotes, Alexander's interesting and controversial book sets the gold standard for titles on this subject.” —Nick Pope, author of Open Skies, Closed Minds

UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities changes the playing field for both true believers and skeptics alike. Alexander notes disclosure has already happened, and what is really wanted is conformation. He strongly warns, be careful what you wish for when asking for presidential intervention. Success could set the field of ufology back decades.” —George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

“In these pages, Dr. Alexander describes the ultimate exploration of the government's UFO secrets: that of an insider with the clearances and credentials to discover the truth. And the truth that he has discovered is deeply shocking: somebody--or something--is certainly here, but we have no ongoing response to this mysterious presence at all. Irrefutable cases confirm a UFO reality, but, at best, official response has been sketchy and no effort has been made at all to determine whether or not this reality represents a threat to the people of earth. For anybody interested in the UFO mystery, or concerned about the human future, Dr. Alexander's book is a must-read.” —Whitley Strieber, author of Communion

“Dr. John B. Alexander delivers a captivating and one-of-a-kind exposé of UFO phenomena and conspiracy theories. Told from the unmatched perspective of a government insider, and combining encyclopedic-knowledge with a passion for the subject matter, Dr. Alexander takes on the long standing debate of whether or not UFOs exist while opening the door to a whole new set of mysteries. Whether you're a believer or not, this fact based analysis is a must read.” —Gale Anne Hurd, owner of Valhalla Movie Productions, and producer of the movies Terminator, The Abyss, Aliens, and Armageddon

“You will learn a lot about UFOs from this book. You will learn even more valuable information about how your government works. And you will enjoy every minute of the experience.” —Dr. Theodore Rockwell, former technical director of Admiral Rickover's program for the nuclear navy and President Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace (1949-64), and co-founder of the engineering firm MPR Associates

“Col. Alexander's data-rich book is a must read by anyone with even a passing curiosity about UFOs and the government's involvement and knowledge of this controversial subject. Authored by a well-connected government insider with decades of access to senior military and civilian leaders, and who convened a highly-classified, officially-sanctioned UFO study group, Col. Alexander provides a firsthand, behind-the-scenes look at the intricate government/intelligence/'military-industrial-complex' structure that emerges from his careful study. With candor and meticulous attention to detail, Col. Alexander shares his personal odyssey to determine the ground truth reality concerning the UFO enigma and the government's role in it. The verdict: On the one hand he finds that our nation's best defense assets unequivocally confirm the existence of UFOs as physical objects of extraordinary performance capability, apparently intelligently controlled; on the other hand he also deconstructs many of the field's most vaunted myths and conspiracies that have grown up around this controversial and contentious topic. Believers and skeptics alike will thus find much here to challenge a priori assumptions.” —Harold E. Puthoff, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

“Much of the extant literature pertaining to putative UFO phenomena tends to bog down in tedious reiterations of time-worn empirical evidence and speculative theoretical propositions. In refreshing contrast, John Alexander's first-person reportage of the mish-mash of government attention (and curious lack thereof) to this potentially portentous subject quickly draws the reader into personal cognizance of an unfolding saga of all-too-familiar bureaucratic federal bumbling. The physical interpretations proposed by the author on the basis of his intimate personal involvement with this polyglot technical, political, and psychological scenario, therefore merit some careful consideration. No serious scholar of the persistent paradoxes that swirl around these bizarre phenomena should neglect these perspectives.” —R.G. Jahn, Professor and Dean, Emeritus, School of Engineering and Applied Science. Princeton University

“Dr. John B. Alexander has taken an unflinching, courageous look at one of the most controversial and important issues of our time. Alexander's fascinating, careful approach shifts the dialogue around UFOs to a new level.” —Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Power of Premonitions

“John's book is extremely well written and clearly lays out a compelling case that there is no central organization or committee that masterminds the "UFO Cover Up." He's the only person I know that has the qualifications, contacts and experience to write such a book. He puts it all together in a very readable fashion. Once you start, it's hard to put the book down.” —Col. Charles I. Halt, ret., former Deputy Commander at Bentwaters, UK

“Whether or not you are "into" UFOs, this book could rock your world! Dr. Alexander's blockbuster book is based on about 25 years of searching the top levels of government and military to find "the" group in charge of UFO information. The negative result of his search shakes the foundations of the widely held belief that there has been a government conspiracy to "cover up" important UFO information related to UFO crashes and interactions with aliens. This book could also rock your world if you are a "nonbeliever" because Dr. Alexander has cited some strong evidence that "UFOs are real." He also provides reality checks on some commonly held beliefs related to UFOs, reverse engineering of alien technology, human-alien interactions, what has been done by the governments of other countries, animal mutilations, agriglyphs ("crop circles") and military abductions. Anyone seriously interested in studying the UFO phenomenon should read this book.” —Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., U.S. Navy Physicist (Ret.)

“Anyone who takes more than a cursory look at the UFO phenomenon will sooner or later ask himself or herself two questions: (a) Is the phenomenon real? and (b) If it is, what is the US Government doing about it? Alexander considers both questions. His answer to (a) is not surprising-Yes, it is real, maybe involving extraterrestrial spacecraft. But his answer to (b) is surprising-The US Government is not interested, and is doing nothing about it.

Not everyone will agree with his answers, but most will agree that he was well qualified to look into both questions, and pursued them energetically. This book will interest anyone with an interest in UFOs-whatever they are, whatever their purpose, and whatever their origin.” —Peter Sturrock, Emeritus Professor of Applied Physics and Emeritus Director of the Center for Space Science and Astrophysics at Stanford University, and Founding President of the Society for Scientific Exploration

“With his unique perspective developed over decades of cutting-edge work within the scientific, military and intelligence communities, John Alexander offers a fresh perspective on UFO sightings and claims of government cover-up. A former U.S. Army colonel who has had direct involvement in many unusual projects, Alexander chips away at layers of false or misleading claims by overly-credulous “believers” and shoot-from-the hip “skeptics” as he reminds us of the importance of good sense and focuses on the evidence. He guides readers through a labyrinth of government bureaucracies and agencies as he progresses to his inescapable conclusions on the scope and depth of government cover-up and implications for society. Readers with preformed expectations may be surprised by his thesis. UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities is an intriguing, wry, and unconventional book by an unconventional author. A real page-turner, it presents ideas that will either delight or infuriate almost every reader.” —Albert A. Harrison, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, UC Davis, author of Starstruck: Cosmic Visions in Science, Religion and Folklore.

“Dr. John B. Alexander, Ph. D., has done it again. Perhaps even more so if one considers his previous literary and scientific efforts. Dr. Alexander is widely known for his "out of the box" thinking. This effort, "UFOs, Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities" tops them all. Whatever you may believe about UFOs you will be absolutely fascinated by the contents of this book.” —Lieutenat General Richard G. Trefry, U.S. Army (Retired), former Military Assistant to President George HW Bush

“This is one of the most important books yet published on the many mysteries associated with UFOs. It provides the most detailed and authoritative account available of an intelligent, and balanced, perspective from within the U.S. military and intelligence community. John Alexander is a skilled investigator with a careful and discerning mind capable of distinguishing fact from fiction in this most elusive and controversial of all fields.” —Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, author of The PK Man

“In his UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities, Dr. John Alexander, Ph.D. skillfully presents the UFO question in a manner that forces one to reexamine their own experiences and beliefs. The book is extremely well researched and touches every aspect of what the title suggests. I am a veteran of the pioneering days of space exploration, studying space communications before man ever entered space, operating almost every radar, telemetry, communications, and data transmission system known to man in the 1960s while in the Army, on the NASA High Range, and as cadre at Groom Lake, Nevada for both CIA and the Air Force hypersonic flight activities. My background is relevant as it exposed me to our first astronauts, flight support systems specialists, the pilots flying the U-2 and Blackbirds, space tracking systems, as well as the UFOlogists clustering around blurry lensed cameras photographing more models of supposedly extraterrestrial vehicles than Henry Ford ever envisioned for the Ford automobile. During all my years, I never met a space professional who claimed to have ever seen anything extraterrestrial, yet in one hour of one night in the desert outside Rachel, Nevada, TV talk host Larry King photographed an hour show during which time the UFOlogists claimed to have seen dozens of flying saucers flying in and out of Groom Lake. Since 1955, thousands of our nation and the worlds' best minds have worked at the Groom Lake facility, but not one has ever reported seeing what Larry King's guests saw in one hour. In his book, John nails it on the unsubstantiated UFO sightings reported with not one scintilla of real evidence, yet he left on the table unanswered some reported sightings that leaves one wondering if hidden within all the hysterical hype there might be something really out there.” —Thornton D "TD" Barnes, President Roadrunners Internationale (an association of the CIA, Air Force, and Support at Groom Lake, Nevada during CIA U-2 Project Aquatone and A-12 Project Oxcart/Operation Blackshield, YF-12, SR-71 Blackbirds)

“John Alexander would make a lousy politician because he has the unpleasant habit of cutting to the chase and saying what needs to be said, regardless of the consequences. His new book will almost certainly infuriate zealots on both ends of the UFO spectrum---the die-hard true believers as well as the close-minded debunkers. And parts of it will tick off everyone in between, including me, which is undoubtedly what he intended, but whether we all agree with everything in the book or not, he is saying what needs to be said. Alexander's military mind instinctively gets to the heart of UFO cases and issues, makes quick work of charlatans and fools, and will likely inspire a new round of speculation about his presumed role as an MIB-type spook who spies on the UFO community for unknown but dastardly purposes. After knowing him for many years, I can safely predict that such speculation will delight him beyond words.” —George Knapp, Peabody Award-winning Chief Investigative Reporter, KLAS-TV

“Alexander provides pointed analysis on how the national government functions to address unexplained flying objects. His book is an important read on how Washington political and policy processes routinely work in examining phenomena of unknown origin.” —William H. Fite. former House Foreign Affairs Committee staff member and Executive Branch appointee

“This book is a must for anyone interested in UFOs and associated phenomena. In addition to a comprehensive history, it furnishes the reader with a keen insight into the chaos that occurs when science becomes involved with politics and governmental bureaucracies. John Alexander's personal experience "outside the box" makes this a fascinating read.” —Lieutenant General Gordon Sumner, U. S. Army (Retired) Former Ambassador at Large to Central and South America

“John B. Alexander's latest book, UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities is a must-read! Of the more than 200 books in the UFO bibliography, tis one has to rank at the top. Finally, someone has brought this strange enigma to the front burner!” —Col. William Coleman, Jr. (ret.), former Chief of Public Information for the US Air Force during Blue Book

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