Enough Love For Me: Sister Wives (Paperback)

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By Aseera
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Mikai has always thought differently. He doesn't think that people should live a certain way just because society dictates it. He is a successful business owner who wants a traditional family. In every way. Except that he feels called to have more thatn one wife. He has given his wife, Aspyn, a great life. He's kept every promise to her. Now he feels it's time that she come around to his way of thinking. He gives her an Ultimatum. Which will she choose? Will this be the life he wants, or more than he bargained for?

Aspyn loves her husband, Mikai. She is willing to give him everything he wants. Except quit her job and become a stay at home mom. She loves her job and is successful. She thinks that and her love for him and their special needs daughter, Asarae, should be enough. Until her world is rocked by Makai. Will she give in to his needs or leave and keep her independence?

Vicki is a nurse for the child of Mikai and Aspyn. She is going through a divorce and vulnerable to a man who is successful, kind and attractive. She sees the life that Aspyn lives and decides that she would rather share a good man than have a bad man to herself. She concocts a plan to insert herself into their lives? Will her plans work? Will they find out who she really is before it's too late?
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ISBN: 9781071000052
ISBN-10: 1071000055
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 31st, 2019
Pages: 128
Language: English