Bull Pin University, Year One: Extended Edition (Paperback)

Bull Pin University, Year One: Extended Edition By Grlpire LLC, Yasmine Creese-Brown, Shanae Copeland Cover Image
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Bull Pin University, known for its esteemed education and cutting-edge research, becomes the unexpected battleground for seven extraordinary young women. In Bull Pin University, Year 1, these girls find themselves thrust into an alternate universe where women's rights have been obliterated, launching them on a thrilling adventure that tests their intellect, resilience, and the power of their minds.

At the beginning of the story, the girls-each possessing unique talents and aspirations-find themselves mysteriously transported to a post-apocalyptic society where gender equality and other societal norms are nothing but a memory. As they struggle to navigate this unfamiliar world, they stumble upon their new destiny: to master their majors' brain powers and rise as superheroes to fight against injustice and oppression. At least that's what they're told.

Forced to adapt to their new reality, the girls dive headfirst into their studies, honing their skills and unlocking astonishing abilities. Along the way, they encounter an intriguing cast of characters, including A.I. robots, who were created by the remnants of a crumbling government.

As the girls delve deeper into their education and superhero training, they become increasingly aware of the depth of the injustices that plague society. They witness firsthand the stark contrast between their world and the one they once knew, realizing the urgent need to restore equality and women's rights.

Before their trials and tribulations, the girls experience a mysterious time-travel moment that propels them into the early 3000s. Stranded in a future where humanity is both technologically advanced and morally divided, they uncover secrets that reveal the true nature of their mission. In this distant era, they must navigate not only the challenges of their newfound surroundings but also the complexities of time travel.

Bull Pin University, Year 1 is an epic tale of resilience, unity, and empowerment. Through their shared journey, the girls discover the depths of their own strength and the importance of fighting for what they believe in. As they face unimaginable obstacles and encounter thrilling twists, the bonds they forge become the foundation for a revolution that will change the future...or rather history.

Join the girls of Bull Pin University as they embark on an extraordinary adventure, defying all odds to reshape a world devoid of women's rights, uncovering the truths of their own abilities, and discovering the extraordinary power of unity across time and space.
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ISBN: 9781039174818
ISBN-10: 1039174817
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: June 27th, 2023
Pages: 40
Language: English