The Truth about Me (Paperback)

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Fiction. Women's Studies. THE TRUTH ABOUT ME: STORIES is the fiction debut of extraordinary stories by New York writer Louise Marburg, in which shortcomings, secrets, and inventions turn notions of love and self upside down. No matter what their station in life, the characters in these wry and moving stories face moments in which the shock of being and becoming comes from within. Of Marburg's work, acclaimed short story writer Richard Bausch says her characters go through the shifts and sunderings of life in vivid and lyrically direct prose, and your blood jumps. Antonya Nelson writes the] author's capacious heart has room for a vast array of very different characters, each of whom receives the fully serious respect and sympathy in the telling of his or her story. In this way, every reader can find 'me' here, not to mention truth. These are smart and lovely stories, perceptive, compassionate, and sometimes shocking. Who are these people, so helpless in the currents that surround them? Marburg reveals their cowardice, their flaws, and their deep capacities to engage the heart, says author Roxana Robinson.
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ISBN: 9780998801407
ISBN-10: 0998801402
Publisher: Wtaw Press
Publication Date: September 14th, 2017
Pages: 160
Language: English