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The novel DELPHI and THE GREEK WARRIOR is an extraordinary composite of accurate Greek history with little-known particulars of a tiny group of revered women known as Oracles of Delphi. Lauren examines the plight of ancient women not uncommon to modern feminine issues as she portrays Lady Selene, a heroine we can celebrate in today's world.

5.0 out of 5 stars I LOVED THIS BOOK
Hi Lauren, I just received the DELPHI AND THE GREEK WARRIOR book and I loved it I read it in one day I enjoyed it so much What a great read I just could not put it down You are such a talented and creative author. Thank you so much for sending me another great book I JUST LOVED THIS BOOK, IT WAS WONDERFUL All the best. Laura

Review: "The reluctant oracle...
The idea of consulting an oracle is very appealing to me. I love the idea of being able to ask an expert how to resolve a thorny issue. The protagonist of this story is quite gifted but she would rather not be burdened by the gift. Regardless, her prophetic counsel comes through her of its own accord. Her insistent following of seekers wants her counsel on their thorny issues, despite the fact that she doesn't consider herself an oracle. This book is the story of the unfolding of that gift and how Selene (the reluctant oracle) deals with it. Like the other fictional stories of Lauren O. Thyme, I found myself meeting a comfortable old friend and was sad to put the book down when I had read it." Steve Collins


I started remembering my past lives when I was 5. I'm now 76 and remember more than 126 lifetimes in great detail. Often I would meet people that I had a significant relationship with in one or more past lives and we would continue on in this life. Always my spiritual goal was to "finish" - difficult karma, relationships, problems, etc. -- to grow, learn, evolve and be at peace.

When I visited Delphi Temple in 1998 with a group of friends, I remembered a past life there and found the location where I lived. In that ancient time I resided in a cave on the Delphi Temple hillside, living a simple life, providing information and psychic counseling for pilgrims, something I have provided all my adult life as Lauren.

Then in 2014 I met a man who was destined to be my partner for 3 1/2 years and was part of that Greek lifetime as well. He was very like the Greek Warrior I write about. When he and I had a difficult split-up in 2018, I decided to write DELPHI AND THE GREEK WARRIOR, to help assuage my grief and to see if I could gain wisdom and solace from writing "our" story. DELPHI is a fictional rendition of that long-ago life coupled with our modern one.

In December 2019 I met Steve Collins, who is very much like Kriton, a main character in this book, the 2nd Greek Warrior. Steve are still together and closer than ever. I seem to have "written" Steve into my life by writing this book. My life and fiction seem to blend into reality.

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