The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science (Paperback)

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The Cosmic Ether Changes Everything

The historical ether-drift experiments of Michelson-Morley, Dayton Miller and others yielded positive results for an ether wind and light-speed variations of 5 to 18 kilometers per second. Academic bias and erasure has misrepresented these facts for over 120 years, to the point that few dare question today. Scientist James DeMeo reviews the original documents and archives, exposing the facts which demolish nearly all of the post-ether astrophysical theories, including Einstein's relativity, the "big bang", "black holes" and quantum magic. Cosmic ether exists and moves in a creative gravitational spiral vortex, as the long-sought prime mover and life-energy. A must-read item for the professional scientist, educated layperson and student, in ordinary language with minimal maths. For example:

Part I, Cosmic Ether as Theory and Experimentally Confirmed Fact, includes 8 different chapters which firstly introduces the concept of ether, then details the late 18th and 19th Century experimenters who made its detection by increasingly sophisticated instruments. The interferometer experiments of Dayton Miller are introduced, exposing facts by direct quotations from their publications in mainstream science journals, of multiple positive detections of the ether. In most every case, from the early to the more recent ether-drift experiments, the cosmic axis of Earth's motion in space, in right ascension and declination were in close agreement with the Sun's motion through the galaxy, towards the star Vega. These experiments provide evidence violating a major starting assumption for Einstein's theory of relativity, showing that light speed is variable, depending upon direction in the cosmos.

Part II, The Empire Strikes Back: Erasure, Mystification and Falsification of History, covers the rise of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, and how he and his supporters managed to obscure and ignore the positive outcomes of the various ether-drift experiments. It also details the unethical "hatchet-job" against Dayton Miller's ether research, years after his death, by Einstein sycophant Robert Shankland, whose paper is still cited today as "definitive proof against Miller's ether-drift findings". That, it most certainly was not Einstein's originally friendly, but later dismissive treatment of Miller is detailed, including his statements in private letters wherein he expressed deep concern that, if Miller's work was correct, then his theory of relativity would "collapse like a house of cards".

Part III, Into New Territory: Additional Evidence for a Material, Motional and Dynamic Ether, I overview findings from different disciplines, for a biologically-active and water-reactive cosmic life-energy. These findings are very agreeable to those of the ether-drift scientists, who postulated a material entrained ether. Direct evidence for the cosmic ether and ether-wind, by other names, are shown to have cosmic motions nearly identical to the older ether-drift findings: the interstellar wind, dark matter wind, cosmic ray wind, neutrino wind, and so forth. The implications for astrophysical theory are then discussed, even while empirical astronomy and space science engineering remains unchallenged. All the post-ether astrophysical theories are shown to be mired in mysticism and unproven assumptions.

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space provides over 100 photos and graphical illustrations, with a full published reference and web-reference section, an index, glossary and two Appendices. It is developed for the educated layperson and student, but most scientific professionals will find it eye-opening and refreshing.

A dynamic cosmic energy in space changes everything, indeed

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