Astrotheology for Life: Unlocking the Esoteric Wisdom of Ancient Myth (Paperback)

Astrotheology for Life: Unlocking the Esoteric Wisdom of Ancient Myth By David Warner Mathisen Cover Image
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What do the world's ancient myths have to say for your life? This book will help you learn to converse with humanity's myths, scriptures, and sacred stories in the language that they are actually speaking: the language of the stars. Clear, systematic explanation accompanied by over fifty illustrations, diagrams and star charts shows the astonishing evidence that virtually all the world's ancient myths (including the stories in the Bible) are built upon a common, worldwide system of celestial metaphor -- and explains the system to you, allowing you to interpret their meaning for yourself, so that you can gain direct access to their profoud wisdom.

Explore recurring patterns which appear in myths around the world, and what they may be trying to tell us. Examine the evidence that these myths may have come from a long-forgotten ancient civilization (or civilizations) of incredible spiritual sophistication, predating the most ancient civilizations known to conventional history such as ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient China, and the ancient Indus-Saraswati civilization. And plumb the depths of spiritual meaning encoded in these Star Myths, and how their celestial metaphors point us towards the presence of an invisible and infinite realm, and the reality of the concept of the Higher Self taught in many cultures where some of the connection to the ancient wisdom has still survived.

Brought to you by David Warner Mathisen, the author of The Undying Stars and of Star Myths of the World, and how to interpret them (Volumes One, Two and Three).

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Publisher: Beowulf Books
Publication Date: April 14th, 2017
Pages: 334
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